First Impressions: Small Saga Demo

Growing up in the VHS era 90s, there were a lot of popular stories about mice and rats. The most notable ones were The Secret of NIMH, American Tail and the Redwall series of novels. There were countless other examples, so much so that it became a trend.  These stories were popular enough to … Continue reading First Impressions: Small Saga Demo

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – RPG Review

In the beginning, Castlevania established itself as a franchise that was known for a lot of particular things. It took the classic monsters from horror and Greek mythology and adapted them into a series of side-scrolling platformers. There have been some exceptions along the way with varying degrees of success. One of the more … Continue reading Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – RPG Review

Golden Sun – RPG Review

When the Game Boy Advance began making its first impression, it was immediately compared to a handheld Super Nintendo. That was not a unique impression because the Game Boy Advance library quickly filled up with ports, remasters and spinoffs of classic Super Nintendo games. None of them were unwelcome to see with updated graphics … Continue reading Golden Sun – RPG Review

Potato Flowers in Full Bloom – Mini Review

Potato Flowers in Full Bloom is a dungeon crawler RPG that incorporates turn-based combat. You explore several dungeons, encounter monsters, and engage them in combat. When you first begin, you can recruit up to eight different characters into your party. With each character, you can choose their race, their appearance, their name and their … Continue reading Potato Flowers in Full Bloom – Mini Review

CrossCode – RPG Review

Sometimes when you hear that a game is similar to another, you know what to expect. I could easily say that CrossCode is a Zelda-inspired action RPG and be correct. That would be an oversimplified assessment of what CrossCode has to offer. Not only does it push its level of challenge to the absolute … Continue reading CrossCode – RPG Review

Dead Island – RPG Review

Some genres work well when blended together. RPGs and adventure work well by adding a sprawling world to explore. Adding Metroidvania as a subgenre can add exploration as a feature. One subgenre you don’t often see added to RPGs is horror. A genre like horror where you’re regularly subjected to a feeling of helplessness … Continue reading Dead Island – RPG Review

Robotrek – RPG Review

Whenever anyone makes any kind of big-budget project, they’ll want to cut costs whenever possible. The more projects they have under their belt, the more they can recycle for newer projects. During the Super Nintendo era, RPGs were at the height of their popularity. Developer Quintet alongside Publisher Enix was releasing some of the … Continue reading Robotrek – RPG Review

Final Fantasy VI: Pixel Remaster – RPG Review

There are many reasons to remake or remaster a game. The most common reason is to adapt a game for a new console. New hardware has new expectations, and software has to be adapted to meet those demands. The Final Fantasy games have been remastered several times with varying degrees of quality. That variance … Continue reading Final Fantasy VI: Pixel Remaster – RPG Review

Infernax – RPG Review

Whenever a retro throwback game is made, it has the opportunity to do something different from the classics. It can obviously make the most of modern hardware and game engines. It can learn from a diverse field of games, both old and new. Mostly, it can do things that previous games could not, like … Continue reading Infernax – RPG Review

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest – RPG Review

The NES was a weird era for video games. There was a lot of trial and error with a big emphasis on error. The best games of that era laid the foundation for future genres. However, even some of the best games needed work. They were either excessively difficult or overly complicated or both, … Continue reading Final Fantasy Mystic Quest – RPG Review

Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals – RPG Review

The RPGs of the SNES era were remembered for a lot of different things. Some were remembered for being able to innovate and push the medium forward with the most of the latest technology. Others were able to take the ideas of the previous generations and execute them to the fullest. Lufia II falls … Continue reading Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals – RPG Review

Earthbound – RPG Review

Many of the RPGs on the Super Nintendo took place in a medieval fantasy setting. Many of the characters were knights and soldiers who carried swords, and wore armor and used magic. While there were definitely some variations, a lot of them were pretty similar. Earthbound was very different, opting instead for a modern … Continue reading Earthbound – RPG Review

Cute Bite – Mini Review

Cute Bite is a vampire simulation RPG where you play as a young vampire who has just woken up from a long slumber. When you wake up, you learn from your butler that your father has passed away. It is up to you to learn to take over your newly inherited estate. Most of … Continue reading Cute Bite – Mini Review

Unsighted – RPG Review

RPGs get their names from many sources. A lot of them get their titles from the world they take place in. For some, they are named after one of the main characters. Others are named after something important to the story. Unsighted gets its title from a little bit of all of those, since … Continue reading Unsighted – RPG Review

Illusion of Gaia – RPG Review

RPGs tend to tackle big subjects. Go through the classics on the Super Nintendo and you will find them taking on subjects including war, racial disparity, evolution and several other big life issues. One game that dives deeper than most is Illusion of Gaia. It asks a lot of existential questions about the meaning … Continue reading Illusion of Gaia – RPG Review

Knight Bewitched: Enhanced Edition – RPG Review

I don’t expect every RPG to be innovative. Being fun and entertaining is really the only bar you need to clear to make a good game. With so many tools and tutorials more accessible than ever, it’s great to see more games being made by a diverse group of creators. What I’m starting to … Continue reading Knight Bewitched: Enhanced Edition – RPG Review

Struggle for Talyria – RPG Review

I grew up with the classic RPGs of the 90s. I am well familiar with the gameplay and design styles that came from that era. Revisiting those games, whether it be playing the classics or in the new games that pay homage to the new style is one of my favorite things to do. … Continue reading Struggle for Talyria – RPG Review

Secret of Mana – RPG Review

Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest introduced the world to turn-based RPGs on the NES. When the Super Nintendo came out, RPGs began branching out into a wider variety of genres. The turn-based RPGs stuck around as the Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy series continued, and new ones were created. However, more fast-paced action RPGs … Continue reading Secret of Mana – RPG Review

Chicory: A Colorful Tale – RPG Review

When you think of indie developers, you typically think of a single person or a small team of people working in the best office they can afford. The team that made Chicory: A colorful Tale is a bit different. The team was made up of just five people: Director Greg Lebanov, Composer Lena Raine, … Continue reading Chicory: A Colorful Tale – RPG Review

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars – RPG Review

RPGs have always been a genre that has had a slightly higher than average barrier of entry than other games. There tends to be a bit more complexity in the stories and gameplay mechanics that can drive people away. There are ways to engage potential interest in unfamiliar genres, including combining them with another … Continue reading Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars – RPG Review


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