Lagoon – RPG Review

Some fundamental standards have been established in terms of how to make a game. Throughout the years, many studios have experimented with different ideas to figure out what works and what doesn’t. The best way to make as few missteps as possible is to learn from others who have made similar works as yours. However, … Continue reading Lagoon – RPG Review

Manafinder – RPG Review

There are a lot of features you can use to make a positive first impression. A lot of major studios and big-name developers rely on the reputations of previous games they’ve made in the past. Other times, they can rely on a major feature within a gameplay trailer or a demo. Manafinder is much more … Continue reading Manafinder – RPG Review

Airoheart – RPG Review

One of the more common trends for indie games is to take inspiration from a well-known classic. With all of the innovations that happen between the release of a classic game and the present, there are limitless ways to put a new spin on an old game. Airoheart aims to put a fresh new action … Continue reading Airoheart – RPG Review

Jack Move – RPG Review

There are a lot of norms that have become more and more common with RPGs. These help to establish structure and guidance for how a game is built. These norms are usually built from years and years of tradition, as well as plenty of trial and error. It isn’t necessary to adhere to norms and … Continue reading Jack Move – RPG Review

Ikenfell – RPG Review

Diversity is sometimes a forgotten topic in the world of video games. For many years, developers struggled to simply to push the limits of the medium in terms of graphics and gameplay. That push is still going on today, but not throughout the entirety of the gaming industry. For the smaller studios, they tend to … Continue reading Ikenfell – RPG Review

Golden Sun – RPG Review

When the Game Boy Advance began making its first impression, it was immediately compared to a handheld Super Nintendo. That was not a unique impression because the Game Boy Advance library quickly filled up with ports, remasters and spinoffs of classic Super Nintendo games. None of them were unwelcome to see with updated graphics for … Continue reading Golden Sun – RPG Review

CrossCode – RPG Review

Sometimes when you hear that a game is similar to another, you know what to expect. I could easily say that CrossCode is a Zelda-inspired action RPG and be correct. That would be an oversimplified assessment of what CrossCode has to offer. Not only does it push its level of challenge to the absolute peak … Continue reading CrossCode – RPG Review

Dead Island – RPG Review

Some genres work well when blended together. RPGs and adventure work well by adding a sprawling world to explore. Adding Metroidvania as a subgenre can add exploration as a feature. One subgenre you don’t often see added to RPGs is horror. A genre like horror where you’re regularly subjected to a feeling of helplessness doesn’t … Continue reading Dead Island – RPG Review

Robotrek – RPG Review

Whenever anyone makes any kind of big-budget project, they’ll want to cut costs whenever possible. The more projects they have under their belt, the more they can recycle for newer projects. During the Super Nintendo era, RPGs were at the height of their popularity. Developer Quintet alongside Publisher Enix was releasing some of the best. … Continue reading Robotrek – RPG Review

Infernax – RPG Review

Whenever a retro throwback game is made, it has the opportunity to do something different from the classics. It can obviously make the most of modern hardware and game engines. It can learn from a diverse field of games, both old and new. Mostly, it can do things that previous games could not, like be … Continue reading Infernax – RPG Review


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