Jack Move – RPG Review

There are a lot of norms that have become more and more common with RPGs. These help to establish structure and guidance for how a game is built. These norms are usually built from years and years of tradition, as well as plenty of trial and error. It isn't necessary to adhere to norms and … Continue reading Jack Move – RPG Review

Mind Scanners – Mini Review

Mental illness is a sensitive topic. Throughout history, the problems people have faced have had countless names and even more treatments with varying levels of success. Mental health issues have become better understood since the publication of the DSM-IV. However, there is still a long way to go in terms of public understanding, diagnosis and … Continue reading Mind Scanners – Mini Review

Shadowrun (SNES) – RPG Review

One of the best sources prospective video games can draw inspiration from is a core rulebook from a tabletop RPG. They are filled with every resource you could need to set up your own game including rule sets, character classes, combat mechanics and plenty of lore. There is so much to work with that adapting … Continue reading Shadowrun (SNES) – RPG Review