Absinthia – RPG Review

Any game developer who has been making games for a long time will end up developing a particular style. Like any other artist, they will be known for certain characteristics that make them unique. Developer Joshua Keith makes simple, retro-inspired RPGs that typically feature characters across the LGBTQ+ spectrum. His latest game, Absinthia is no … Continue reading Absinthia – RPG Review

Chrono Trigger – RPG Review

It’s weird for me to think of any game, or rather any creative work as a masterpiece. There is usually some noticeable flaw in a work that detracts from even the best experiences. Games are certainly no exception. They have obvious flaws, but while they can be considered clear negatives, they have far more positive … Continue reading Chrono Trigger – RPG Review

Lagoon – RPG Review

Some fundamental standards have been established in terms of how to make a game. Throughout the years, many studios have experimented with different ideas to figure out what works and what doesn't. The best way to make as few missteps as possible is to learn from others who have made similar works as yours. However, … Continue reading Lagoon – RPG Review

Lufia & the Fortress of Doom – RPG Review

The chronology of RPGs has always been strange. It is not common to see an RPG in the same franchise serve as a direct sequel to another game. Usually, games in the same RPG series will take place in the same universe, have similar enemies, spells and weapons, but be their own standalone stories. Lufia … Continue reading Lufia & the Fortress of Doom – RPG Review

Robotrek – RPG Review

Whenever anyone makes any kind of big-budget project, they’ll want to cut costs whenever possible. The more projects they have under their belt, the more they can recycle for newer projects. During the Super Nintendo era, RPGs were at the height of their popularity. Developer Quintet alongside Publisher Enix was releasing some of the best. … Continue reading Robotrek – RPG Review

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest – RPG Review

The NES was a weird era for video games. There was a lot of trial and error with a big emphasis on error. The best games of that era laid the foundation for future genres. However, even some of the best games needed work. They were either excessively difficult or overly complicated or both, and … Continue reading Final Fantasy Mystic Quest – RPG Review

Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals – RPG Review

The RPGs of the SNES era were remembered for a lot of different things. Some were remembered for being able to innovate and push the medium forward with the most of the latest technology. Others were able to take the ideas of the previous generations and execute them to the fullest. Lufia II falls into … Continue reading Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals – RPG Review

Earthbound – RPG Review

Many of the RPGs on the Super Nintendo took place in a medieval fantasy setting. Many of the characters were knights and soldiers who carried swords, and wore armor and used magic. While there were definitely some variations, a lot of them were pretty similar. Earthbound was very different, opting instead for a modern sci-fi … Continue reading Earthbound – RPG Review

Illusion of Gaia – RPG Review

RPGs tend to tackle big subjects. Go through the classics on the Super Nintendo and you will find them taking on subjects including war, racial disparity, evolution and several other big life issues. One game that dives deeper than most is Illusion of Gaia. It asks a lot of existential questions about the meaning of … Continue reading Illusion of Gaia – RPG Review

Secret of Mana – RPG Review

Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest introduced the world to turn-based RPGs on the NES. When the Super Nintendo came out, RPGs began branching out into a wider variety of genres. The turn-based RPGs stuck around as the Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy series continued, and new ones were created. However, more fast-paced action RPGs began … Continue reading Secret of Mana – RPG Review