EVO: Search For Eden – Mini Review

Occasionally, role-playing games (RPGs) will introduce incredibly innovative concepts. These gaming experiences can offer something completely unprecedented and unseen by players before. EVO Search For Eden stands out by exploring the concept of evolution, which had not been done in this genre previously. It offers players a captivating experience centered around the theme of evolution.

In EVO, players have the unique opportunity to experience the entire journey of creature evolution. Instead of playing as a single character, you take on the role of the dominant species across different significant time periods. This allows you to witness and participate in the evolution process throughout history. The process of evolution takes players through various stages, starting as aquatic creatures like fish, then transitioning into reptiles like lizards, and eventually evolving into dinosaurs. Finally, after millions of years of evolution, we reach the stage where humans emerge. This progression showcases the fascinating journey life has taken on Earth over billions of years. In the game, when you defeat enemies, you have the opportunity to earn EVO points. These points can be used to enhance various attributes of your character’s body, such as the arms, legs, and torso. These enhancements can improve your strength, speed, agility, and overall health. With each new stage reached, the types of enhancements available to you will evolve and expand.

EVO’s gameplay would be most comparable to that of an action platformer. In each stage, you navigate from left to right, engaging in battles with enemies as you progress. As you progress in the game, collecting EVO points becomes essential for increasing your strength. These points serve as a currency that allows you to improve various attributed of your character. At the final level, you will encounter bosses that must be defeated in order to advance to the next stage of evolution. Advancing through the standard stages of a game is generally straightforward, but the boss fights can pose a significant challenge. To overcome these bosses, you have two main strategies: employing skillful tactics during combat or leveling up your various abilities to gain an advantage in battle. Both approaches can greatly increase your chances of success against boss encounters.

Although EVO’s gameplay offers a wide range of diverse sections, it is not that long of a game overall. The game consists of a total of 5 stages that represent different stages of evolution. As you progress through the game, you will spend a significant amount of time engaging in platforming challenges and defeating enemies to increase your character’s level. Another thing to consider is that during boss fights, you may get stuck and have to go back and have to do some grinding and level up your character further. Even if you have maxed out every one of your character’s attributes, some of the bosses might still be tough enough to require multiple tries to defeat. Taking into account all the effort and practice, it typically roughly 6 hours to finish EVO: Search for Eden.

EVO: Search for Eden stands out as a rare game, as it explores the theme of evolution which is not commonly found in the gaming industry. Developing games centered around evolution often requires sacrificing some common aspects of traditional RPGs. The game lacks a distinct main character, doesn’t have an extensive backstory, and diverges from the typical characteristics of games from that time period. One of the advantages of this game is its educational aspect. It has the potential to teach younger individuals about evolution while providing an enjoyable gaming experience.

EVO: Search For Eden is a very different game from its contemporaries. There are not a lot of games that use evolution as its central premise and there have been few since. Whether you are specifically looking for an RPG about evolution or just something different, EVO is one worth recommending.

Final Score: 8/10

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