Cute Bite – Mini Review

Cute Bite is a vampire simulation RPG where you play as a young vampire who has just woken up from a long slumber. When you wake up, you learn from your butler that your father has passed away. It is up to you to learn to take over your newly inherited estate.

Most of the game is spent taking on jobs and training tasks which are done in intervals of weeks. The jobs will help you acquire money which you can spend on training. The training will boost your attributes faster, but they require spending money. Both the training and jobs will also drain your bodily and mental energy, so you also have the option of resting to recover. You also have a variable chance of success at your training and jobs depending on how high the attribute associated with the task is.

Since your character is a vampire, you have to do these tasks at night. At the beginning of the year, you start with two task slots per night. Later on, you can have up to three when the lunar cycle gets longer.

Another option you have is hunting. You can go out into different parts of the city and prey upon different people. Each of your different methods of hunting your target and their strength varies depending on what attributes you’ve decided to increase. You can attack your target or entice them in several different ways. If you successfully defeat your prey, you recover some stamina and acquire some money.

All of the choices you make between hunting and training all result in unlocking different endings. There are a lot of different outcomes that can result from the paths that you decide to choose. Because of this, there are plenty of reasons to replay and experiment with different choices.

Overall, Cute Bite is an interesting game that combines a cute vampire art style with simulation and RPG gameplay. It’s a relatively simple game, but it has a lot of variety. It can’t quite be pinned down as just one thing, so it’s a good game to play to mix things up now and then.

Final Score: 8/10

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