Breath of Fire III – RPG Review

The Sony PlayStation was known for its extensive game library, making it a versatile console. It arrived at a time when 3D gaming became one of the key features of the new console generation. The PlayStation can fulfill the demand for games, but it has the potential to do even more. It could offer a range of gaming experiences, including 2D games catered towards older generations, as well as 2.5D games and those with isometric graphics that create the illusion of 3D visuals. That kind of versatility was perfect for transitioning older franchises to the newer generation, and it was perfect for Breath of Fire III.

The Role You Play

You assume the role of Ryu, a skilled young man who wields a sword andcan morph into a powerful dragon. He stands as one of the last surviving members of an almost extinct race known as the brood. Additionally, Ryu has various healing and defensive magical abilities that can be used to aid his allies in battle.

Ryu has several allies who eventually join him in his adventures. One of them is Nina, a talented princess from the magical kingdom of Wyndia who possesses powerful magic abilities. Another ally is Momo, an ingenious scientist and inventor known for her eccentric personality. Peco, on the other hand, is a genetic mutation that has extraordinary hand-to-hand combat skills. Lastly, Garr is a Guardian who specializes in fire magic and wields a spear as his primary weapon. Together, they form a diverse team with various talents to aid Ryu in his journey.


The game’s storyline kicks off with Ryu, a character who hatches deep within a mine and emerges into the world. After being captured, the protagonist successfully escapes from a train in an exciting turn of events. During his journey, he meets two new companions named Rei and Teepo. After getting reprimanded for stealing, the trio later forms a strong bond and sets out on various different adventures. THey later begin to using their skills and abilities to help and uplift members of their community.

After getting attacked and being separated from his friends once again, Ryu embarks on a new journey. This quest serves two purposes; the first is to reunite with his companions. The second purpose is to learn about his extraordinary dragon powers and discover the truth of origins.


The gameplay in Breath of Fire III mostly revolves around turn-based combat. At the beginning of every round, players have the opportunity to give commands to their active party members. The commands are given in a specific order based on each character’s Agility stat, from highest to lowest. These commands determine the targets for each party member and are then executed based on the Agility of all participants in combat. During a game, players have various options to choose from to strategize their moves. These options include attacking, defending, using special abilities and items, examining the enemy to uncover special skills, or even fleeing from battle altogether. Each of these actions serves a unique purpose and can greatly impact the outcome of the game.

Apart from the main gameplay elements, there are additional components that make the gaming experience more diverse and enjoyable. Many of the dungeons have puzzles that need to be solved to progress. In this game, there is a fun fishing mini-game that you can enjoy at various points. What makes it even more exciting is that you can trade the fish you catch for valuable items that can enhance your gameplay experience. As you progress in the game, you’ll have the chance to visit a fairy village and help them rebuild their village. In this simulation-style mini-game, you can engage with the fairies, assign them jobs and eventually get rewards from them.


Breath of Fire III is divided into two distinct parts. In the first part, players will find that the main character, Ryu, and his companions are depicted at a younger age as they embark on their thrilling adventure. As the story progresses into the second half, the characters undergo a noticeable transformation as they age and mature. This shift in their development brings forth new dimensions to the narrative and alters the overall tone of the story compared to part 1. In terms of gameplay time, it typically takes around 25-30 hours to fully complete the entire story experience.


Breath of Fire III’s soundtrack offers a diverse range of musical compositions, featuring melancholic background tracks as well as energetic battle music to enhance the gaming experience. The majority of the songs in this collection have a calming and soothing atmosphere, making them ideal for creating a peaceful ambiance in a town setting. They complement the occasional battle music nicely, adding an interesting contrast to the overall soundtrack. In the peaceful ambiance of a quiet town, soothing melodies play in the background, creating a sense of calm and tranquility. However, when an unexpected enemy encounter occurs, the tranquil music abruptly fades away and is swiftly replaced by a lively and fast-paced battle soundtrack. This sudden transition in music enhances the mood and intensifies the feeling of being thrust into an unexpected battle.

Notable Features

Breath of Fire III presents a diverse range of challenges when it comes to combat. The frequency of enemy encounters can vary greatly, from occurring infrequently to happening almost every few steps. These spikes in difficulty add an element of unpredictability and require the player to be prepared for battles at any given moment. Enemy groups can vary greatly in size, typically ranging from 2 to 5 enemies. What adds to the difficulty even more is that fleeing from these encounters can be challenging too. This greatly increases the risk of your entire party getting wiped out.

The Talking Parts

The dialogue in Breath of Fire III is highly commendable for its excellent execution. Each character in the game exhibits a wide array of expressions, effectively conveying their emotions, tone, and body language. This level of detail enhances the overall immersive experience for players. In the game, the characters effectively portray a range of emotions such as sadness, confusion, frustration, intimidation, anxiousness, and fear. These emotions are skillfully depicted throughout the game and add depth to the overall experience. By emphasizing the emotional impact of the scenes, players can develop a stronger connection with the characters. This, in turn, adds depth and meaning to the overall storytelling experience. Additionally, heightening the stakes with each scene creates a sense of tension and urgency that keeps players engaged throughout the story.

Z…We’ve Reached the End. Anything Else?

Breath of Fire III introduces a fresh artistic approach by departing from its predecessors’ 2D style and embracing a 2.5D isometric art style instead. This change effectively incorporates the enhanced 3D capabilities of the Sony Playstation, while still maintaining the essence of the original art style that fans have come to love. Including 3D elements in gameplay introduces a new level of complexity, as it incorporates puzzles that utilize the three-dimensional space. Moreover, the use of camera movement and rotation during dialog scenes enhances the storytelling experience by adding depth to the narrative.

Final Summary

Breath of Fire III is a highly acclaimed installment in an already outstanding game series. It effortlessly transitions the series to a new console generation while retaining all the elements that made it great. Whether you’re a Breath of Fire enthusiast or simply a fan of RPGs, Breath of FIre III is definitely worth checking out.

Final Score: 9/10

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