Coin Crypt is best described as a deck-building roguelile RPG, but instead of building a deck of cards, you gather a bag of coins and use them to battle against different opponents. There are tons of different coins and they have a myriad of different commands ranging from attack, defense, healing and support just to name a few. You gather new coins from finding them in treasure chests scattered around the different stages or by defeating enemies in battle.

The way a battle typically works is that you draw three coins and you choose one to use, either on your opponent or yourself depending on the effect. If you draw more than one of the same kind, you will draw a stack and you can use all of the coins in that stack at the same time. Each coin has a different casting time that affects how long it takes to use a coin after you select it. A battle ends when either you or your opponent’s health meter reaches zero or when either of you run out of coins.

Each coin you gather also has a different monetary value and you can spend them on different things. You can come across shops that sell items that increase the effectiveness of certain types of coins, make you run faster, let you draw more coins during combat, or you can just buy an assortment of random coins if you want to dump some that you don’t want.

The other key thing you can spend your money on is the deity statues. There are several in each stage and whenever you pass them, you have the option to make a donation in order to appease the gods they represent. Depending on whether you decide to donate to them and how much you give, the gods will either give buffs or debuffs to random enemies or they will bless or curse the treasure chests you are about to open.

The levels you normally traverse in order to make you way through the world are the forest, the graveyard, and the mountain in that order, and each world has three sections. However, if you find a key coin from one of the enemies you defeat, you can unlock different sections that lead to large treasure chests or alternate paths with more difficult enemies. These alternate paths lead to underground tombs and caverns that add a whole new degree of challenge to the game.

There are several different classes that you can unlock that change the way you play. You start off playing as an adventurer who has no changes at all, but you can play as characters that draw stacks more likely, have less health but do more damage, or have the ability to multiply the coins they use. The value of each coin you spend is added up and at the end of your playthrough, you can spend that pool on a new character to unlock. While not every class is desirable for everyone to play, there are enough that at least one can suit your tastes.

Coin Crypt is interesting because it is just a very unusual game. There really isn’t anything else like it and I find it fascinating that something so unique exists. It’s a game that I find myself coming back to every now and then for that alone, I have no problem recommending it.

Final Score: 9/10

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